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As an artist I have the privilege here of communicating to you visually, but a few words in addition wouldn’t hurt.

I do believe that the spiritual an material blend forms the Reality and it's material component is not three dimensional, but rather a very complex, interesting and beautiful multi-dimensional continuum.

I employ only 4d space floating in time and an additional "space of word" (or metaphor) , those six dimensions form a container for objects and events projected on a 2d surface of my canvas.

I feel always free to contract or expand that container during my studies.

Presented here are selected works from my ‘Shapes of Music’, 'Lights and Shadows' and 'Objects' series, as well as some graphics.
Initially inspired by the European Avant-garde of the 20s, particularly by the Russian Avant-garde, it differs significantly from predecessors.

I cannot but agree with Roger Fry’s statement: “The form of a work of art has a meaning of its own", but
it doesn’t mean that a self-sufficient form cannot be turned into a recognizable object. To me the material three dimensional component is an integral part of the 'bigger picture' of the Life.

I am attempting two things: to explore the Reality, including but not limited
to it’s ‘visible’ fraction, and to take part in shaping it. This, I believe, is ultimately the essence of any creative process.

GuitaristPianoPetersbourg. Morning.
BassoonistCrime and Punishment. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Kodiak Allery. TorontoAndrey Kovalev Fine Art
Visual Music
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