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Andrey Kovalev
Андрей Ковалёв

"Music is a dominant but not exclusive theme in Andrei’s art. We see depictions of performers and their instruments done in such a way that we feel and even hear the jazz or classical musician’s ideas and experiences. It is like going to a symphonic performance to “watch the music being heard” and it is in that synesthetic moment that the artist and the audience enter an integral relationship as co-creators.

Andrei allows us to see the world as the confluence of sound and sight:  through his art he brings color and shape to sound and sound to color and shape. After all, music has color and shape [the architecture of a symphonic piece and its tonal colorations], and color and shape in turn are sonic [the staccato of red, the diminuendo of blue, the crescendo of the sunset spectrum at the end of the day].

He walks with us on the path of such notables as Kandinsky and Goethe, Scriabin and Rimsky-Korsakov, Duke Ellington and Liszt. Some of these people were synesthetes; others made synesthesia a programmatic project affecting their work. With Andrei, we see the world in its multi-sensory display."

Victor Deyglio



Born and raised in Moscow, Russia.
Attended the Krasnopresnenskaya Art School.
Entered the Moscow State Pedagogical University Art Faculty
Graduated with a Masters in Fine Art.

Solo Exhibits

2012 Private Show, Foresthill, Toronto, Canada
2010 KODIAK Gallery, The Distillery District, Toronto, Canada  
2003 L'Arte Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1996 Studio 803, New York, United States 
1995 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1993 Edwin Scharf-House, Neu-Ulm, Germany

Group Exhibits
2004 TOAE, Toronto, Canada
1999 Art Smart, Toronto Metro Hall, Toronto, Canada 
1998 Opening Show of Riverside Gallery, Toronto, Canada  
1997 Annual Art Show in Art Centre. Westport, Connecticut, USA  
1997 Russian Artists at Art Guild Gallery, New York City, USA  
1996 Farewell Show, Gorozane Foundation and Crosna Gallery, Moscow, Russia 
1995 Spring 95, Crosna Gallery Moscow, Russia
1995 Bank of Russian Credit and Crosna Gallery, Moscow, Russia 
1994 Exhibition of Russian Artists, Bale Bodenshats Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
1990 Annual Art Show, IFA Gallery (International Federation of Artists), Moscow, Russia 
1989 Annual Art Show, IFA Gallery (International Federation of Artists), Moscow, Russia 
1986 Annual Art Show, IFA Gallery (International Federation of Artists), Moscow, Russia

Andrei Kovalev‘s paintings and drawings are in the collections
of the State Museum in Neu-Ulm (Germany),
Crosna Gallery (Moscow, Russia), 
Bale Bodenshats Gallery (Basel, Switzerland),
Maxim Inc. (Hamburg, Germany), Kodiak Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
and in many private collections
in Russia, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France, Canada and the United States.


KODIAK GALLERY, The Distillery Districlt, Toronto, Canada, 2010

Kodiak Allery. Toronto

STUDIO 803, New York, U.S.A. 1996

New York

CENTRAL HOUSE OF ARTISTS, Moscow, Russia, 1995

ЦДХ. Москва.

EDWIN SCHARF-HAUSE, Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Germany, 1993

Bavarya, Germany. Andrey Kovalev Fine Art.

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