andrei kovalev oil paintings
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Basically, what has been said on the previous pages can be addressed to the "Lights and Shadows" Series. Rhythm, proportions, acceding, descending and horizontal movements, cold / warm and dark / light contrasts, mostly the same set of visual "tools" as in the "Shapes of Music" Series, only the subject is different, the tones are less saturated and the space/time continuum is less complex, more relaxed.

Only some motion blur of clouds, leaves and shadows talk about a constant mutability of the life.

Objects and subjects are actually secondary, the light is the main "hero" of all these paintings.

Normally I do not paint "en plein air", neither use photos. Instead I just walk around and bring my impressions to the studio.

Russia, Latvia and Canada. Days and nights. Lights and shadows.

Petersbourg. Morning. Four Trees Latvia. Spring.
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