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One day, when I was 4 years old, my brother, 12 years older than me, placed a hot tea pot on the table in front of me and ordered: keep an eye on it for one minute. I obeyed and after that endless minute he asked me:
"Did it change?",
"No, it didn't"- I replied.
"Actually it did change, - he said,- it got one degree cooler and one minute older."
Perhaps this moment changed my mental horizon at once. The reason I am telling this short story here is just to show that even a small child (anyone) can comprehend and accept that obvious, unarguable fact that the life is never still.

It is rather a complex and dynamic continuum. Leave alone 10d theory, if you deal only with 3d+time system projected on 2d surface of your canvas, it gives you enough material to start experimenting with.

I like working with glass and reflective objects for their reciprocation with other objects and with lights and shadows.


Glass & Turka

Irises Lilas Narcisses
Big Bouquet Yellow Roses Glass & Flowers
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